The Jeans Net Review

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The Jeans Net Porn Review

All of the 6 sites from the “Jeans“ collection were launched in 2011, being included with a membership to The Jeans Net. These are Jeans Tease, Jeans Very Tight, Jeans Orgasm, Jeans Lez Dom, Jeans Lesbians, and Jeans Get Wet with a fetish lesbo main theme.

The updates for JeansNet are quite slow, as only between 8 to 12 updates can be identified per sites in a month, meaning between one to three scenes on every site. A problem on this site is the number of updates, obviously, because the larger sites tend to update more frequently than the smaller sites. For example, in 2014 the network offered around 380 video/photo combo scenes for all of the sites combined together. There are larger sites with between 85 and 90 scenes each on Jeans Net, like Jeans Get Wet, Jeans Tease, and Jeans Orgasm, while sites as Jeans Lez Dom, Jeans Lesbians, and Jeans Very Tight are smaller with between 35 and 50 scenes each.

Even though the action shows lesbians with orgasms in dominating themes, which would tend to give a hardcore action impression, the entire Jeans Net network is a lot more softcore in nature than imagined. In the dominant lesbian action, the fetish lesbo girls are dressed with jeans and feature a playful action and a lot of face sitting. All the sites do a very good job on sticking to their main very specific jean theme, although the orgasm scene material is also with lesbians wearing jeans and masturbating with toys or fingers through the denim, leaving a very softcore impression. The girls go on with teasing, getting the blue jeans wet or trying to squeeze into skintight jeans they can bare fit into with a fetish lesbo idea, evidencing the softocore image, above the fact that there is barely, if any, full nudity, therefore the entire Jeans Net network is based on models in blue jeans that really never come off.

You can choose from a one-month membership for $23 or $34 to enjoy watching East European models squeezing their sexy asses in the tightest jeans for three months. Joining The Jeans Net gives you full, unrestricted access to all six of their sites, and you'll need to login to the sites individually from the network homepage. Each site provides an alphabetized list of models and lists its scenes so that you can see all of the scenes from a particular babe on a particular site in a single place. Scenes are displayed on the browse pages with preview images and sentences to represent each one continuing with direct access links for the video files, thumbnail photo gallery, and in ZIP file for downloading the full photo sets.

Fortunately, the fetish lesbo videos can be downloaded at quality levels of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5000 kbps, also the photos are quite nice at a size of 1500 pixels on the long side. The quality level and specs of the materials are a sign of professionalism from the studio, but the JeansNet network overall seems to be at quite an amateur level, but many just enjoy sexy Russian babes show off wearing only jeans.


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