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The premise of shady pi is that a private investigator follows and films cheating wives and cheater girlfriends while they’re getting fucked by some strangers. ShadyPI is, basically, a voyeur porn site that provides a high-definition “insight” in the life of uninhibited, adulterous girls with the aid of hidden sex cams.

Currently, there are approximately 24 episodes available on shady pi, presenting the sexual exploits of numerous adulterous girlfriends or milfs. The full videos have a length of approximately 40 minutes, but there are also shorter videos, 4-5 minutes each, that skip the story and get directly to the point. The videos can be streamed online, without excessive buffering, or they can be downloaded as MPEG and WMV files. Besides the videos, if you become a member of, you will also have access to large photo galleries, with plenty of photos of voyeur porn and hardcore sex with cheater girlfriends. The quality of the pictures is great; each individual image can be enlarged to a resolution 3000x2000 for a better view of the action. Also, the galleries can be downloaded as zip files in order to enable you to re-view your favorite scenes.

In most episodes, the private investigator follows some hot girls while they meet some stranger in order to have some hardcore sex with him with plenty of fucking and sucking. If you enjoy voyeur porn, then the videos caught by the hidden sex cams will be just what you are looking for. While the videos are filmed in a reality show style, the private investigator also enters the rooms and films the actions directly. Most of the girls are gorgeous and have either married for a green card or they are simply insatiable nymphos. Towards the end, the detective shows the disgruntled husband what his cheating wife has done.

If you are fan of voyeur porn, cheater sex and wild fucking, then is the place for you. If you pay the membership fee, then you will also have access to 29 other porn sites that are part of the Porn Pros Network. This means that you will gain access to an immense quantity of very diverse types of porn videos, which is always a good idea.


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